"In summer, the song sings itself." -William Carlos Williams

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hi Blogettes!

Sooo A Southern Summer has been a pretty time-sensitive operation.
And with the school year quickly approaching, I'm going to be starting up my blog again at this location.

Love you all! And thanks for reading my blog!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Cousin: The Rockstar

I love my family. I have been introduced to so many different passions and styles that my own is one big mash up of all of these influences.

Music has always been big in my family.

This is my dad. Circa the 80s.

He was lead singer and guitarist of One Plus Two - a local Chapel Hill band that toured the South East and was a regular at the Cradle.

So it is only inevitable that this would be my cousin.

Alex Ebert. A.k.a Edward Sharpe of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. A band that is picking up speed and is selling out shows left and right. They are on a nation-wide tour right now. They played at Bonnaroo and last night they played at the Cradle.

Before last night, I had never met him! He is technically my second cousin, the cousin of my dad, and has lived in L.A. my whole life. I thought it was enough that I got to jam out to the pulsing tones of his other band, IMA ROBOT, with its more erratic tones, and say that I was somehow related to this phenomenon.

What a different look, huh? Alex is the one in the white- sans beard.

He went through a dramatic change in his life, and came out with the amazingness that is Edward Sharpe- his alter ego- and his new band, formed with Jade Castrinos and eight others.

Last night I was working at Spanky's. So while my dad and Alex hung out before the show, I was showing people to their tables. Unfortunate.

Photo courtesy of Abby Nardo

BUT , I did get to meet him before the show and after the show. A little awkward, when he was so pressed for time. It went something like....

Alex: "Hi, it's great to meet you."
Me: "Hi, I guess I'm your second cousin. Cool."

Obviously there was more than that.

Photo courtesy of Abby Nardo

Besides that, I was on Alex's guest list at the show- and got to see it from BACKSTAGE! OHMYGOODNESS. so. cool.

Even getting to be backstage at the Cradle was so. awesome. So many bands that I love have come through there. My dad said the only other times he had been back there was when he played back in the 80s.

Needless to say, the show rocked! And I'm so glad I got to go- after a little bit of prodding my boss to let me off a little early. It felt so great, because I love that part of my family- the rocker side. The side that you probably can't tell from my exterior.

P.S. I went to the show in my hostess outfit last night. Jack Rogers and a dress with peacock feathers on it. Haha. Pretty much the opposite of hipster.

But it didn't matter. Because the show was awesome.

So obviously, either I or my children will have to continue this tradition of musician madness.
I have kind of always wanted to be in a band... hmmm. haha.

Who knows?

Until then,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Things I love: Wimbledon

I love the Wimbledon.

My father and I have watched it, and the sport of tennis, together for the past few years. I played on my high school team sophomore year and have played it recreationally since then.

Now, let's be honest. I cannot play that well. But, I think that it's so fun! (However many times I would end matches with me throwing the racket across the court and calling it quits) Either way, I like to watch the Wimbledon when it comes around.

Fashion inspiration? Yes.

(All pictures attributed to Ralph Lauren)

And the Queen always shows up! How pretty is her bouquet?

I must now return to my family. My grandmother is currently in the kitchen preparing dinner - baby-back ribs! How exciting!
Can you guess what it was last night? That's right. Shrimp and grits! MMMmmMMMM

Until then,

Friday, June 25, 2010


Good morning every one!

Excited to say that for the next week I will be in FLORIDA visiting family at this wonderful location...

Yes, my week will include great home-cooked meals, kayaking, swimming and hopefully a tan.

However, I'm not sure how my internet connection will be down there, so I must say that this will be my last post until next Thursday! Don't worry though, I will come back full force.

Until then,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lightning bugs

Summer Nights

where music flows
and tempers flare
and lullabies fill the air.
-Mary Hamrick

Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Company

Things I miss about high school: church camp. This might sound odd. For many, church camp is a place that their parents encouraged them to go and awkward teenagers gathered. For me, it was a place where I grew the most as a person- socially and spiritually. As another plus, I gained leadership skills that have served me well already.

Needless to say- I loved it! I found my best friends there, and even after long periods of time apart, it still feels like coming home and slipping into a huge bear hug when I see them again.

A couple of years ago, when I was a senior in high school, our youth coordinator for the diocese, (Episcopalian term for general district or collection of churches in a certain area) decided to move to Texas and go to divinity school. She was such an inspiration and a guiding light to us all and we were very sad to see her go.

But this past weekend, we were able to celebrate Kathy's ordination in Raleigh, and I could not have been happier to attend this event!

An ordination is when you are certified by the church to obtain a higher leadership role with-in the church. Deacons, priests and bishops are ordained.

It was so great to see everyone! Kathy is in green above. Also pictured is Melissa, an adult leader in the youth programs, and then Don and Molly (two dear friends) with me in the blue.

And yes- Don is wearing a completely seer sucker suit. It was amazing.

Molly had driven from four hours away the night before (arriving at my house at 4 in the morning-yikes!) to come to the service. I am sad I didn't get to see her long, because there is always so much to catch up on. But it was still good to see her even for a short amount of time.

A couple of years ago in Texas

Molly and I go all the way back to the 7th grade when we became friends at summer camp!
Don became a friend shortly after. I cannot relate to you the countless valuable friends that were not present this weekend, but it was good to see even just a few.

After the service, we all went to a local pub Tir Na Nog, just down the street. Side note: I love downtown Raleigh. I am seriously considering moving there when I am older and want to settle down.

It was there that I got a ham and brie sandwich with green apples on it! Mmmm. Tasty.

But the best part about the meal was the conversation, which lasted for 2 1/2 hours! I can't remember when I had such a long lunch!

Ahh, how I miss those camp days. And I am missing something in my life that I was so passionate about as I was going to Camp Summit.

A few flash backs!

8th grade- what a year

Cabin dodge ball tournament- against the boys. :P don't think we got very far- but we looked prepared!

Tent we built our last night at the Summit. Seniors on their last night traditionally stay up all night and watch the sunrise the next day.

Working at HUGS camp- a camp for kids with disabilities. This is Austin who loves Chip and Dale, collecting acorns and swimming!

The "trifecta"- two of my besties!

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!
Oh, and happy OFFICIAL summer! Whoo!

Until then,

Beautiful Things